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Summer is .... exhausting.

Posted 7/27/2015 12:00am by Jonathan Wenger.

Its been a bit too long since my last post, but I suppose that when I try to do it all, that's what happens.  So we've been plenty busy around trying to keep up with the markets, orders, weeds, and planting.  Some areas have gone better than others, but we are just trying to do our best.

It might sound a little crazy to say it in the middle of summer, but this is the time of year when we have to start thinking about winter around here.  I just planted our winter storage carrots last week, rutabagas next week, the winter beets have to be planted in 2 weeks, and our sweet onions starts have to go in around the end of August.  I really do love planning and planting for the winter season and there is something about those root crops that are harvested in the fall, they just taste so good!  Don't get me wrong, I love the summer crops, but its just not the same.  The cool temperatures and the shorter days bring out the flavor.  It might also have something to do with the fact that when we harvest the storage crops, it means that our hectic summer schedule is almost over!

But enough about fall right now.  Those of you have been with us for several years now may have noticed that we have fewer cherry tomatoes this year than in the past.  We pushed some other stuff out to put in 30% more plants and are experiencing about a 40% drop in yield.   Needles to say we were hoping for better.  I think its because the soil is getting worn out.  I haven't been building and encouraging good soil health like I should have over the last three years we have had the hoophouse.  Next year I will be using more compost, mineral calcium, and white ground cover to keep the soil cooler and thus promote more life.  Its been a bit discouraging, but I believe that I have learned from it.

Another lesson learned this year- I cannot do it all!  Next year I will have to find more help to make sure everything is done when it needs to be done.

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